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Body Steam Detoxification Treatment

Benefits of Steam for Your BodyBody steaming releases impurities and supports the immune system. Add...

Body Slimming Treatment

Your specialist glides a small handheld device over the areas that you have designated for fat removal, such as your abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, legs, breasts, and arms. A safe burst of ultrasonic energy penetrates through your skin to destabilize fat cells, so they lose their integrity.


As the experts suggest, facials are good for the skin as they improve its health. Deep cleansing and...

Hair Remove

Waxing Hair Remove

Hot Stone Massage

What happens during a hot stone massage?A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It’s used ...

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Skin Care


Pricing Plan

Facial Therapy

Basic Facial Treatment 60 mins $68

Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating personalised deep cleansing beauty treatment tailored to your skin's specific needs. This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask and moisturiser to restore balance and tone to the skin.

Hydro Facial Treatment 60 mins $96

This healing facial designed to nourish and protect dry and sensitive skin. Hydro-balance is returned to the epidermis which contributes in prolonging youthful skin & aiding in general skin function. Includes: Cleansing, exfoliations, steam, extraction, massage, high frequency with face serum, mask and moisture.

Collagen Firming Facial Treatment 60 mins $130

Deep hydration & Anti-ageing, results in renewed moisture & silkiness, restoring compactness, tone & luminosity. The result is perfect texture, plumped lines & supple, moisturized skin that will have a long - lasting glow.

Brightening Retreat Facial Treatment 60 mins $130

For uneven skin tone, and hyper pigmenatation. it helps renew your complexion and lighten up areas of uneven pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance, UV exposure and pregnancy.

Acne Purifying Facial Treatment 60 mins $160

Say goodbye to problem skin! This extraction intensive facial effectively remedies for those experiencing the initial symptoms of acne including uneven complexion, blackheads, excessive oil.

Intensive Firming Lift Facial Treatment 60 mins $160

A highly active treatment to help protect, firm and tone skin, Ideal for skin showing a decline in skin firmness, hydration and elasticity levels.


Massage Therapy

Body Massage 30mins $40

Hot Stone Therapy 60mins $96

Full Body Steam Detoxification 60mins $188


Waxing Therapy

Waxing Hair Remove LADIES ONLY

Lip $20

Chin $20

Neck $20

Eyebrows $25

Sides of Face $25

Full Face $70

Under Arms $20

Half Arms $30

Full Arms $50

Half Legs $50

Full Legs $70

Bikini Line $35

Brazilian $70

Back $50

Permanent Hair Reduction – Painfree (Single Treatment) $50



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