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Benefits of Steam for Your Body

Body steaming releases impurities and supports the immune system. Additionally, it triggers a “thermoregulating” effect in your body where the blood vessels in your skin dilate and stimulate your circulation. With improved blood flow comes a fresh delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells, and this imparts a healthy glow to your skin. Moreover, hot steam has the added benefit of warming and relaxing your muscles. 

During Your Detox Steam + Massage Treatment

To give you some insight into your detox steam and massage body treatment.

Body Detox treatment regenerates the health and well being of the skin and body, while strengthening its immunological functions.

The detoxification procedure starts with the herbal steam treatment to reduce metabolic acidosis, environmental and chemical burden and lymphatic toxicity. The active herbal ingredients improve skin tone and texture lost through stress, toxicity and premature ageing.

The next stage of the treatment is the brushing therapy. It is designed to activate circulation, stimulate drainage of lymphatic toxicity, improve cellular function and eliminate dry skin & dead cells.

The final stage of the treatment is the therapeutic massage, is designed to complete the detoxification process. It works on soothing tissue inflammation while improving circulation and slow metabolism. The therapeutic massage also releases nervous tension, inducing tranquillity & relaxation.

Body Detox Treatment is the ideal body cleanse. The treatment prepares the skin for sun exposure, and for your next summer holiday. In Autumn and Winter, the treatment eliminates flaking dehydrated skin accumulated during the cold weather chills.